Download UK offshore industry’s ‘Environment Report 2014’

Oil & Gas UK has published today (November 19) a report on the environmental performance of the UK offshore industry.  

Oil & Gas UK says that emissions to the atmosphere, discharges to the sea, waste disposal and accidental oil and chemical releases are examined in the Environment Report 2014 which studied data from the Environmental and Emissions Monitoring System or EEMS – the environmental database of the UK oil and gas industry and from North Sea operators.

Mick Borwell, environment director of Oil & Gas UK, said: “This year’s report builds on our Environment Report of 2013 by including more information in order to deliver an overall view of the environmental performance of the UK offshore oil and gas industry.

“Last year’s report included analysis of data for 5,121 platform production wells on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) to show how many are capable of unassisted hydrocarbon flow to the surface. This year we broadened that study out to include 5,754 subsea wells on the UKCS, and our interim results show that just one per cent of all platform and subsea wells in our inventory have that capability.

 “The UK offshore oil and gas industry is controlled and regulated through a broad range of national and international legislation and the work we are doing to provide evidence on proposed regulatory changes is also included in the report.

“It also outlines the work Oil & Gas UK’s environment directorate is doing in order to further our understanding of the marine environment.”

The Environment Report is available to download here.

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