Dozens of offshore flights in Norway cancelled due to Tor storm

Many offshore flights in Norway have been cancelled or delayed today as the heavy storm – dubbed Tor after a hammer-wielding Norse god – is battering the region.

According to data found on, flights from Bergen Airport Flesland to Veslefrikk B, Statfjord C, West Elara and Oseberg A, Troll B, Troll C, Statfjord A, Statfjord B, Oseberg South, Oseberg C, installation have been cancelled due to strong wind. In summary, Bergen Airport saw seven helicopters leave, with 10 flight cancelled.

Also, Offshore Energy Today has learned that Statoil reduced their work force on Statfjord B, Statfjord C and Snorre B before the storm hit.

At the Sola Airport, situation is slightly different, as only the flights to Sleipner A, and West Epsilon planned for 14:00 have officially been cancelled.

The rest are facing heavy delays. Just one example, Heliport data shows that flights to BP’s Valhall platform, and the Rowan Viking rig should have left at 10:45 this morning, however, new departure times have been designated for the two flights – 15:30 for Valhall, and 17:00 for Rowan Viking rig.

Floro Airport saw only one aircraft leave this morning at 8:04, towards the Leiv-Eiriksson sami submersible rig. The other flights planned for Snorre A, Visund and Petrojarl Knarr offshore installations have been cancelled.

It was a fifty-fifty at Kristiansund Airport on Friday, with three helos taking off, and three cancelled.

The three that did fly away, to Heidrun, Njord and Draugen A installations, however, flights for Asgard A, Asgard B and Kristin platform have been cancelled.

Two flights that should have left the Bronnoysund Airport were cancelled as well. They should have landed on the Skarv FPSO.

Up north, Hammerfest Airport was five out of five, meaning all five flights went to their designated locations: two helicopters to Scarabeo 8 drilling rig, two for Transocean Spitsbergen semi-submersible, one for Transocean Arctic and Goliat FPSO.

If you’re working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, awaiting info on your next flight, you can find more info on Good Luck!

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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