EDS Wraps Up Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Work

EDS HV Group (EDS), a part of James Fisher and Sons, has completed its scope of work for cable termination and testing works at the Rampion offshore wind farm.

The Rampion development, located off the Sussex coast in the UK, features 116 turbines each 3.45MW in capacity, giving the project a total generating capacity of 400MW.

EDS completed the termination and testing of 116 assets as well as completing jointing activities on the offshore substation and on the two 150kV export cables. EDS also assisted with onshore commissioning activities.

Ken Ritson, group managing director of EDS said: “We are proud to have successfully completed the scope of work, on target as per the programme. This is thanks to our dedicated, highly competent and experienced team who integrated themselves seamlessly with the Rampion team.

“We would like to thank Rampion for giving us the opportunity to play such a significant role and making such an important contribution to this project.”