Photo: Dublin Offshore

EMEC verifies Dublin Offshore’s floating wind mooring component

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) has inspected Dublin Offshore’s mooring load reduction device (LRD) and verified that the system is in compliance with the International Electrotechnical Commission’s technical specification (IEC TS) 62600-10.

Dublin Offshore has been developing the passive LRD for use on floating wind turbines, where it reduces the tension in mooring lines during operation.

The company’s LRD is a neutrally buoyant device installed part way along the mooring line and rotates in passive response to the movement of the floating platform.

The project’s early stages have been funded by Dublin City Local Enterprise Office under a Feasibility Study Grant.

Dublin Offshore tested a 1/4 scale version at a test site off the west coast of Ireland in late 2020.

EMEC, contracted to inspect the mooring system and verify the data gathered to IEC TS 62600-10, began operations with the company prior to deployment. to prepare the inspection plan and data collection methodology. EMEC then monitored its implementation and issued an accredited compliance report with its findings. Dublin Offshore’s LRD system was found to have a very high degree of compliance with the respective standard.