ENTSOG Presented New 10-Year Plan for Development of Gas Grid in Europe

ENTSOG Presented New 10-Year Plan for Development of Gas Grid in Europe

In accordance with an EU regulation, the European network transmission system operator for electricity and gas, ENTSOG, have presented their Ten Year Network Development Plan, TYNDP.

The aim of the TYNDP is to provide an overall picture of the European infrastructure and to identify potential gaps in current investment plans. The plan also illustrates the need for gas, access to gas and the degree of integration between the gas markets. The TYNDP for the period 2013-22 has just been published by ENTSOG. Swedegas is a member of ENTSOG and has contributed to the plan.

The plan confirms that most areas in Europe have a highly developed gas infrastructure, which is linked to several supply channels and which can cope with periods of particularly high demand and variations in supply patterns.

The integration of the gas infrastructure also shows the way for how European gas markets can be integrated. The large number of planned projects reveals that system operators and other stakeholders are prepared to invest, satisfying current needs and further benefitting security of gas supply.

The plan sets out the need for increased security of supply for Sweden. At present, supply is almost entirely via a pipeline from Denmark.

“There are a number of projects in progress to increase the supply and security of supply in Sweden. This involves gradually reinforcing the infrastructure from Germany through to 2016, the Swedegas investment in an LNG terminal – which is expected to be connected to the gas grid – as well as large-scale biogas intake in the Swedish gas grid over the next year. This will provide end-customers and consumers with a secure planning horizon for many years to come. We expect an increase in the use of natural gas and biogas as oil products are gradually phased out in industry, shipping and transport,” says Lars Gustafsson, President of Swedegas.

LNG World News Staff, April 25, 2013