EU 2015 Offshore Wind Market Report Available

Research and Markets has added a new report to its offering, which analyzes the EU offshore wind power market in 2015.

The report, Analyzing the Offshore Wind Power Market in EU, starts off with an analysis of the basics about wind power and then takes a look at the various factors driving the wind power industry worldwide, and especially in the European Union.

The economic feasibility of wind power is also a factor that is touched upon during the analysis of factors driving growth in the wind power industry worldwide. An introduction to offshore wind power and how it is impacting the energy industry worldwide is also discussed.

The report analyzes the overall market for offshore wind power in the European Union, along with a country-wise analysis of the major regions involved in offshore wind power developments, the benefits of offshore wind power for the European Union, the challenges facing offshore wind power in the EU, the role of offshore wind power in meeting the targets of the Kyoto Protocol, and an analysis of the major offshore wind farms in the EU.

A case study takes a look at the fast-growing offshore wind energy in China and also compares the offshore wind energy in the EU versus the United States. Economic value of an offshore grid in the European Union is also described.

The developing supply chain in the EU offshore wind industry takes a look at two cost drivers that include the turbine supply chain in the industry and also the availability of substructures.

Leading offshore wind turbine manufacturers such as Siemens AG, Vestas, Nordex, Repower, BARD Engineering, and Multibrid/Areva are analyzed keeping in mind their role in the offshore wind sector.