EU to focus on important LNG infrastructure

EU climate and energy commissioner Arias Cañete said Europe needs to get back on the map when it comes to LNG. 

“European LNG imports almost halved between 2011 and 2014. The EU has effectively become a residual market, getting what Asian countries do not need or cannot afford,” Cañete said in his speech at a conference in Dublin, stressing that this trend needs to change.

Europe needs to focus on the most important LNG infrastructure projects. Cañete added that as part of the Energy Union package, the commission will come forward with a comprehensive strategy for LNG and storage early next year.

“This strategy will mark the role of LNG in the context of our mid-term gas demand and supply scenarios. It is our intention in this context to work together with Member States to develop a clear strategy how to increase the competitiveness of LNG and make Europe an attractive market for key suppliers such as Algeria, Nigeria and Qatar,” he said.

EU will look to remove obstacles to LNG imports from the US and focus on the necessary transport infrastructure linking LNG access points with the internal market.

Cañete stressed that EU plans to revitalize its energy diplomacy and enhance its international dialogues with all key strategic partners, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt. He has already made plans to visit these countries as he intends to reinvigorate EU’s gas relations with two key strategic supplier and transit countries.

EU is looking to strengthen its energy diplomacy by creating a political framework for the LNG industry to invest in new and potentially difficult projects.


LNG World News Staff; Image: Gate