European Commission to Reboot EU’s Energy Policy

The EU must continue to support and develop renewable energy technologies of strategic importance such as ocean energy if it is serious about creating a long-lasting industrial base for the Energy Union, according to Ocean Energy Europe CEO, Rémi Gruet. 

The European Commission published its strategy to reboot the EU’s energy policy. The Energy Union Package clearly identifies the crucial role of next generation renewable technologies, such as ocean energy to accelerate the transformation of our energy system.

Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, said; “The Energy Union communication presents actions to speed up the transformation of the energy landscape through industries where Europe enjoys a competitive edge. It correctly highlights how the transition can create great opportunities for jobs and growth. Clearly, ocean energy technologies tick all of the Energy Union boxes and will be of strategic importance for creating a long-lasting and meaningful Energy Union.”

The paper reaffirms the EU’s commitment to being the world leader in renewable energy and “the global hub for developing the next generation of technically advanced and competitive renewable energies.” This will be achieved through more efficient and coordinated RD&I (research, demonstration and innovation) programmes and an industrial strategy to benefit from the EU’s first mover advantage in renewables.

The opportunities for the first-movers in ocean energy are huge. With the correct RD&I support, ocean energy will be instrumental in helping Europe move away from a fossil fuel driven economy, securing and optimising its energy supply, while creating significant job and export opportunities,” said Gruet.

The Commission’s proposal will now be discussed in the European Parliament and by the Council. “The proposal is far-reaching and will shake-up energy thinking in the national capitals. We are confident that national governments will understand the need to work in a coordinated way to bring sustainable, cheap and clean energy to their citizens. This is in every country’s national interest,” concluded Gruet.