European Parliament Transport Committee Adopts Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Proposal

European Parliament Transport Committee Adopts Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Proposal

The Transport Committee of the European Parliament adopted a proposal for a Directive by Carlo Fidanza MEP on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure across the EU.

To break oil dependence and accelerate the decarbonisation of the transport system in the EU, alternative fuels infrastructure is needed as oil accounts for more than 90% of energy consumed in transport (with 84% imported). This is a necessary instrument not only to reduce Europe’s dependence on oil, but also to improve the diversification and security of its energy supply.

This Report is aimed at establishing a common framework of measures to set out minimum requirements for the build-up of alternative fuels infrastructure that would be mandatory for electricity, hydrogen, and natural gas.

“The position voted today by the Transport Committee gives us the necessary base to start negotiations with the Council, confident in the possibility of creating a modern and uniform infrastructure for alternative fuels across the EU. Electricity, natural gas and, ultimately, hydrogen are essential to reduce emissions in the transport sector and Europe’s dependence on oil”, said Carlo Fidanza MEP, Rapporteur on the proposed Directive.

In view of a more efficient development of the new infrastructures, approved compromise amendments stress the need for close cooperation with regional and local authorities and with the industry concerned.

“It is urgent to have a clear legal framework to stimulate private investments in the sector, softening the financial burden on national budgets”, concluded Carlo Fidanza.

LNG World News Staff, November 26, 2013; Image: EPP Group

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