EV Enters Six-Month Agreement with BP Norway

Fast-evolving oil and gas remote downhole and wellbore camera specialists EV has entered a six-month agreement with BP Norway to deploy its industry-reputed technology on North Sea assets.

The company, which has also been named as the oil major’s preferred supplier of camera and video inspection tools in the UK sector, is also successfully consolidating its market-leading services, including its wellbore integrity technology, on BP developments across the UK Continental Shelf and Norway.

The work reinforces EV’s track record in delivering best-in-class oilfield inspection services underpinned by its pioneering suite of cameras. EV’s next-generation cameras allow pictures to be taken in remote and challenging oil and gas environments including within the wellbore from surface to reservoir, and inspection and monitoring applications in the zone from facility to seabed.

The company’s cutting-edge technology provides a step change in industry standards by helping operators identify issues in less time, in increasingly challenging conditions and more complex deepwater provinces. As a result, EV is contributing considerably to reducing NPT, cost and improving well integrity.

Through its extensive activity with BP, EV has applied its complete Optis suite of downhole camera equipment ranging from its RT120 drill-pipe deployment system and Slickline memory camera to its industry-first fully digital sideview and downview wellbore camera, the Electric Line (E-Line) surface readout system.

Each tool in its specific application has enabled BP to make more informed decisions by gaining a significantly greater insight into the wellbore.

David Clover, EV’s VP business development, said: ‘Asset integrity is a crucial priority in the oil and gas industry and through our world-beating technology suite, operators are gaining considerable confidence in their systems to ensure that integrity. The significant value of wellbore intervention as a proactive and precautionary measure is also being recognised.

‘EV’s activity with BP underlines the capability of our downhole camera technology and its very real potential to become globally-recognised as industry standard. We also anticipate building upon our working relationship with BP overseas, and have recently carried out our first job on land in the USA for BP.

‘Our cameras provide valuable information, including live streaming-video from the installation to a smart phone that instantly allows critical and informed decisions to be made. The high-level effectiveness of EV’s equipment and service has led to BP installing equipment on assets as contingency plans.’

Mr Clover added: ‘The speed and efficiency of response is vital to successfully executing a mission. EV has the capability to not only rapidly mobilise equipment and personnel to an operating base but also simultaneously provides expert advice to make sure that procedures are developed and implemented in order for the operation to be completed in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner.’

EV has fast evolved as market-leaders in remote downhole and wellbore camera and video services with a rapidly growing global footprint. The company recently announced its expansion across the US, Scandinavia and the Far East with further global districts following in 2011 and early 2012.

Subsea World News Staff , December 16, 2011;  Image: EV