Exoma Provides Drilling Update, Australia

Exoma Provides Drilling Update, Australia

Exoma Energy of Australia said that its drilling operations have been interrupted due to unseasonal heavy rain in Central Queensland.

Relocation of EDA Rig #1 from the Alma-1 location to the site of the next well, Darr-1, has been delayed by localized heavy rains that have made the unsealed roads in the area impassable, the company said in a statement.

The rig remains on site with a skeleton crew. On present weather indications, the rig move to Darr-1 is planned to commence on 9/10 June.

Exoma plans to catch up lost drilling time in the 2012 program with the use of two rigs. The company expects to mobilize the EDA Rig#2 to the field in mid-June.


LNG World News Staff, June 4, 2012