ExxonMobil: PNG LNG to remain shut for eight weeks

US energy giant ExxonMobil’s Papa New Guinea unit said that it may take approximately eight weeks to repair and restore production at the PNG LNG facility.

To remind, the Papua New Guinea Highlands experienced a 7.5 magnitude earthquake on February 26, affecting the operations at the export plant.

The unit’s managing director, Andrew Barry said the “the initial rapid response by our well-trained workforce, coupled with controlled emergency shut-down systems, safely shut in our facilities, minimizing damage to equipment and ensuring there was no release of hydrocarbons.”

Work at the Hides gas conditioning plant has turned to restoring camp and associated facilities, the company said on Monday.

While the gas conditioning plant was safely shut in, there has been some damage to various pieces of equipment and foundation supports that will need to be inspected and repaired. Initial visual inspections of the major processing equipment indicate that they have not been significantly impacted, the statement reads.

Surveillance of the pipeline conducted on 28 February confirmed it has not been damaged.

The wells remain safely shut in. A detailed inspection of some well pads has been hampered by earthquake-related impacts to the roads. It is hoped this work can be completed within the next week.

ExxonMobil PNG has also brought forward scheduled maintenance activity at the LNG plant and has redeployed maintenance and support staff from the Hides gas conditioning plant to assist.