Fairmount: Rig ENSCO 5004 Arrives in Malta

Rig ENSCO 5004 Arrives in Malta

Fairmount Marine has safely delivered rig ENSCO 5004 in Malta at the end of a voyage that began offshore Rio de Janeiro.

Rig ENSCO 5004 is a 1982 built 94,7 meters long and 70,4 meters wide semi-submersible drilling rig.

The towage of rig ENSCO 5004 from Rio de Janeiro to Malta took about 5,782 nautical miles and during the voyage speeds well over 7 knots were reached.

Fairmount Marine is a marine contractor for ocean towage and heavy lift transportation, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Fairmount’s fleet of tugs consists of five modern super tugs of 205 tons bollard pull each, especially designed for long distance towing, a multipurpose support vessel and a large submersible transport barge.



Press Release, January 10, 2014

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