First Nations voice concerns over PNW LNG

First Nation leaders from across northern BC met in Prince George to discuss concerns in regards to the approaches to major project development being taken by the federal and provincial governments, and industry.

The Site C Dam project and the siting of the Pacific Northwest LNG plant on the Skeena Estuary were among the topics discussed, a joint statement reveals.

Chief Na Moks, representing the Wet’suwet’en Nation, said, “The decision to site a massive LNG plant atop the most critical salmon habitat on the Skeena illustrates just how broken governments approach to major project development is. If you were to pick the worst place on the entire coast to site an LNG plant, it would be Lelu Island and Flora Bank. This project will impact the interests and rights of all First Nations on the Skeena.”

Verne Jackson representing Kaien Island elders added that the importance of the Flora Bank/Lelu Island area to First Nations communities cannot be ignored.

Northern First Nations are continuing their discussions in regard to these issues.


Image: PNW LNG