First private LNG shipment likely to arrive by end of November

The first private shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is likely to arrive at its destination by the end of the current month.

Illustration; Image courtesy of Pixabay
Illustration; Image courtesy of Pixabay

A shipment from the Universal Gas Distribution Company (UGDC) carrying around 130,000 cubic meters of LNG will arrive at Karachi by the end of November

Chief executive officer Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha said: “We have recently signed deals with world-leading companies ExxonMobil and Trafigura for the supply of LNG, while the additional private capacity of Pakistan Gas Port Consortium Limited (PGPC)’s terminal is used for re-gasification and onward distribution.

The Trafigura and Gas Port have ownership of the additional private capacity at the terminal, and Paracha stated that formula already existed under which the private sector could import LNG as per its requirements, get it injected into existing gas transmission network, and receive at industrial units.

The company also appreciated that the government allowed the private sector to import LNG and set up LNG terminals in Pakistan. UGDC also stated that it was confident that it would help meet the growing energy needs of the country.

The company’s CEO also welcomed the government’s decision to lift the ban on new gas connections for CNG stations.

Paracha added that hundreds of completed CNG stations were waiting for the gas connection for years, and these would now start their operations after getting connections through the RLNG supply.

With the promotion of CNG fuel, he said the country would be able to save around $1 billion annually on account of an oil import bill and control air pollution in big cities.