France Telecom to Boost Lower Indian Network 2 (Kenya)

Kenya is ready for the fourth undersea fibre optic cable connection wich is scheduled to land in upcoming year. France Telecom, is spending 14 million euros to boost the “Lower Indian Network 2” (LION 2) submarine cable to the LION cable to Kenya via Mayotte.

Along with the LION and LION2 cables, France Telecom will have access to three telecommunication freeways, allowing it to route voice as well as data telecommunications through La REunion and Mauritius.

As Web connection enhances, multinationals are looking to tap on the regional market and also bid for contracts.

Others are placing themselves to supply products in the wide-ranging investments around data centres, network expansions, digitisation and many more.

When the Government called for companies to place a bid for the development of the lucrative super-fast fourth-generation network, multinationals were among the candidates.

Lower Indian Ocean Network (LION) is a submarine communications cable system that connects Madagascar, Réunion, and Mauritius. It is 1,000 kilometres long. It is capable of delivering up to 1.28 terabits per second.


Subsea World News Staff , November 15, 2011

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