French LNG pipeline offers alternative for Russian gas


French LNG pipeline offers alternative for Russian gas

A pipeline being built under the name of Arc de Dierrey in France is set to connect Germany to the LNG terminal in Dunkirk by 2016.

In the wake of the Ukraine-Russia gas dispute, Germany, which is currently the biggest importer of Russian gas, is looking to diversify its supply sources and called on other EU states to reduce their reliance on Russian energy.

Arc de Dierrey is part of a sweeping transport development programme in the North and East of France, being built by GRTgaz, aiming to boost the network’s flexibility and convey gas from the Dunkirk LNG terminal, which is scheduled to enter into operation in 2015. The 300-kilometre-long pipeline will mainly carry gas from state utility EDF’s new LNG terminal and improve transit to southern France.

It showed further potential to be an additional link for Germany and Switzerland and as Olivier Aubert, head of supply at GRTgaz, told Reuters: “It will contribute to another service in the future, making France an entry point for gas in Europe. And the most important market we all have in mind, is Germany.”

He further added that Germany could be the first step in exporting LNG to central Europe, but that further countries receiving Russian gas through Ukraine could be interested in this project, making France an LNG hub for Europe.

LNG World News Staff, July 3, 2014; Image: Dunkirk LNG


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