Gallery: SCV Khankendi hull on its way to Caspian Sea

Blue Water Shipping, an international shipping company, has informed that two hull sections for a subsea construction vessel (SCV) Khankendi being built by Baku Shipyard, have left Singapore heading for the Caspian Sea.

Blue Water signed a logistics contract with Baku Shipyard covering the transport of two hull sections earlier this year. According to Blue Water, the two sections weigh a total of 10,800 tons.

The sections are 140 metres long, 16 metres wide and 17 metres high. Together they make up the hull for the SCV Khankendi. Once completed, Khankendi will be deployed for the Shah Deniz field, which is located offshore Azerbaijan.

The route goes through the Suez Canal and the Black Sea proceeding through the Russian Volga-Don river system and its 18 locks.

“The loading operations went as planned in Singapore where the sections were towed onto a waiting semi-submersible vessel by use of tug boats. A long and interesting journey now lies ahead,” said Project Manager Lars Skov Christensen.

“We will break our own record with this transport. The entire project is handled in close cooperation between several of our offices with many years of experience within this field,” added Lars Skov Christensen.

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