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Damen Shipyards Group has been building and repairing ships for all sectors of the maritime industry for nearly a century. We support the offshore sector in all its forms with a range of products designed in response to client and market feedback. Today, our offshore portfolio covers the entire range of small to medium sized vessels for the full spectrum of offshore activities, including renewables, oil & gas, deep sea mining and exploration.

Damen Shipyards works with operators in the offshore energy sector all over the world. Knowledge and experience, gathered from close co-operation and long-time involvement, has resulted in a strong portfolio of small to medium sized vessels to cater for the full offshore lifecycle with a focus on renewables. Standardised designs with modular components ensure proven and robust technology available with short delivery times.

Damen delivers lifetime support to the offshore energy fleet via its global network of shipyards and Service Hubs strategically located across five continents. The company builds and repairs all types of ships and their systems with a focus on maximising efficiency and effectiveness. Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania has particular expertise in serving the offshore energy sector. The yard’s capabilities allows it not only to deliver newbuilds from Damen’s standardised series, each adapted to meet the specific needs of the client, but also fully-customised projects including the most complex specialist vessels. Damen also has an extensive track record in the repairing, refitting and conversion of very large vessels in drydocks up to 420 metres long and 90 metres across.

Today, Damen’s focus remains on designing and producing the specialist and multi-purpose vessels that the sector needs for the energy transition. Along with their purpose of enabling the creation of sustainable energy, these vessels meet the through-life sustainability requirements of their owners and operators. This is a challenge that Damen has welcomed and the drive to increase efficiency and reduce emissions matches the shipyards’ commitment to becoming the world’s most sustainable ship builder.

Investment in diverse R&D programmes, often working in collaboration with other industry partners, has led to Damen developing numerous innovations. Damen’s latest vessels for the offshore energy sector that have been developed in response to customer demand include the Damen Offshore Carrier, a versatile platform able to conduct diverse operations including cable laying, and the successful Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 2710 for the transportation of personnel to offshore locations. Damen has also developed the FCS 3210 Hybrid, a larger vessel with hybrid propulsion to significantly reduce emissions. The company’s hybrid vessel designs also include the Commissioning Service Operations Vessel (CSOV) 9020 Hybrid. This vessel type has been developed to spend long periods offshore, housing up to 120 personnel in hotel-style accommodation and deploying and retrieving them to and from their assignments while setting new standards of efficiency and sustainability. In addition to having hybrid fuel technology, the vessel is equipped with a range of systems to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Recently, Damen has announced the concept Floating Offshore Wind Support Vessel (FLOW-SV). Aimed at accelerating the offshore wind industry, the FLOW-SV is suited to the installation of next generation floating wind turbines in deeper waters farther from shore. The FLOW-SV is prepared for use of alternative, sustainable fuels in the future. Another of the company’s recent vessel designs is the fully electric Service Operations Vessel (SOV-E). Based on Damen’s proven SOV platform, the SOV-E takes sustainability to the next level with zero emissions and revolutionary offshore charging capabilities.


Bas Loohuis, Commercial Director Offshore & Conversion

Wouter Henstra, Sales Manager Offshore Construction

Jelle Brantsma, Commercial Director

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