GASTECH 2011: RTI Shows Ways to Reduce CO2 Emissions and Costs with Effective Insulation (The Netherlands)


Rockwool Technical Insulation demonstrates how efficient insulation reduces energy costs and delivers a smaller carbon footprint at the 25th Gastech Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam from 21-24 March 2011.

Energy consumption of industrial plants can be reduced significantly by adequate insulation. This delivers two main advantages, as within the framework of the EU Emission Trading Scheme, CO2 reduction equally signifies a reduction in emission costs. In addition, the right insulation keeps temperatures in pipes and storage tanks within strict tolerances, thereby ensuring reliable process efficiency.

As a leading supplier of high quality stone wool solutions for insulating and protecting technical installations in the process industry and marine & offshore, Rockwool Technical Insulation will be at Gastech 2011 in Amsterdam to highlight the key benefits of effective insulation.

Frank Jacobs, Managing Director at Rockwool Technical Insulation, says: “Owners, designers and operators of large, industrial plants are challenged with the task of reducing their energy consumption as much as possible in order to ensure the long term sustainability of their operations“.

The industry needs to move out of its comfort zone. This means redesigning pipes, ducts, boilers and hot process equipment for a low energy, low carbon future. What is required is sustainable design and effective installation of the required insulation. This will ensure that a processing plant is not wasting energy and money, but it in fact is saving operators millions of euros and reducing its impact on the environment.”

In addition, Mr. John Quicken & Frank Jacobs will deliver two presentations as part of the Conference ‘Center of technical excellence’ programme:

* 21 March 2011 – theatre A: 11:00 hrs – 11:30 hrs:

* 23 March 2011 – theatre B: 14:30 hrs – 15:00 hrs:

Frank Jacobs, Managing Director: “Efficient insulation reduces energy cost and delivers smaller carbon footprint”

About Rockwool Technical Insulation

Rockwool Technical Insulation (RTI) is part of the Rockwool Group. RTI is a leading supplier of high quality stone wool products that provide solutions which insulate and protect technical installations in the process industry and marine & offshore. With more than 70 years of experience the company has built a vast range of techniques and systems for providing fire-safe insulation solutions for the protection of technical equipment and installations. Key applications include insulation for pipe work, vessels, boilers, storage tanks, columns etc. of industrial plants, and insulation of fire rated constructions, bulkhead and deck constructions, engine rooms, doors, panels and floating floors for the marine and offshore sector.

With a strong focus on sustainability, RTI sets the standard in innovative solutions, high quality service and a wide range of products with an unrivalled thermal, fire, acoustic and sustainable performance.

About The Rockwool Group

The Rockwool Group is the world’s largest producer of stone wool. The Group was founded in 1909 and today employs more than 7,800 highly skilled individuals. The Rockwool Group operates 26 factories in three continents (Europe, North America and Asia) and has a world-wide network of sales offices, distributors and partners ensuring that its stone wool products reach all parts of the globe. Group headquarters, the R&D and environmental departments are based in Hedehusene, near Copenhagen.


Source:Rockwoold Technical Insulation, February  14, 2011;

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