Gazprom Replenishes Russian Reserves with 547 Bcm of Gas in 2010


The Gazprom Management Committee addressed the information relevant to efficiency of costs on geological exploration and acquisition of subsurface use licenses between 2005 and 2010.

The meeting appraised the work done highlighting that Gazprom had discovered 18 fields and 50 deposits of oil and gas over the said period.

The aggregate reserves increment amounted to 3.585 billion tons of fuel equivalent including 3.356 trillion cubic meters of natural gas.

Out of the above stated amounts, 613.3 million tons of fuel equivalent including 547 billion cubic meters of gas and 66.3 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons were added in 2010 and the reserves growth rate accounted for 108 per cent.

The specialized structural units of Gazprom were tasked to ensure efficient use of costs on geological exploration and subsurface use licenses acquisition over 2011 to 2013.

For instance, the efficiency will be reached through optimized methods of hydrocarbon fields prospecting and geological exploration streamlining.


Source: Gazprom, May 20, 2011;