Germany: JWP II Feasibility Study Announced in EU Official Journal

JWP II Feasibility Study Announced in EU Official Journal

The order was recently announced in the EU Official Journal for a feasibility study on extending the deep-water container terminal in Wilhelmshaven (JWP II).

The study will review the technical and economic feasibility of a second container terminal in a northern extension of the existing JadeWeserPort. The results, to be presented early 2015, will serve as the basis for further political decisions concerning dates and further procedures in project planning and realisation.

Tenders are invited for a total of nine lots. The technical investigations concerning the provision of the extended port area, relating in particular to sand production, quay design and directly adjacent road and rail connections to the public network are key aspects as are demand analyses and the planning basis for the extension. Furthermore the feasibility study is to consider the impact of a possible port extension in environmental terms as well as with respect to noise generation. The overall investigation programme also includes acoustic and nautical investigations as well as the development of optimisation potentials for environmentally-compatible port operations, for example also through the use of alternative energies and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The feasibility study is being commissioned by the state-owned JadeWeserPort Logistics Zone GmbH & Co. KG.

Jade Weser Port, April 23, 2013