‘Global Evaluation of Offshore Wind Shipping Opportunity’ Report Published

'Global Evaluation of Offshore Wind Shipping Opportunity' Report Published

Danish Shipowners’ Association and The Shipowners’ Association of 2010 have published a report under the title Global Evaluation of Offshore Wind Shipping Opportunity.

The report gives an insight into the supply and demand in the offshore wind industry. The report has been produced by BMT/Navigant with support from The Danish Maritime Fund.

The strategic review maps all active and prospective ships in the offshore wind industry; identifies and profiles all key players in the sector; provides detailed country-level offshore wind 10-year forecasts for all existing and potential offshore wind markets; and delivers a supply versus demand analysis across all major shipping activities which interact with the offshore wind industry.

It defines the best practices regarding contracting strategies and harbour requirements and concludes with an identification of the market opportunities for Danish vessels and operators.

Each of the remaining chapters of the report contribute to answering the central question of how members of the Associations can capitalise on the global offshore wind potential. Additional deliverables for this project include two databases and five appendices, which are an integral part of the report.

Press release, January 15, 2014; Image: Navigant