Hafnia Bunker Alliance progresses with sustainable biofuel bunkering

Hafnia Bunkers has announced its steps forward in advancing sustainable marine fuel solutions through its strategic collaboration via the Hafnia Bunker Alliance with member Unigas, and GoodFuels supplier FincoEnergies – a collaboration revolutionizing the way vessels are being fueled.

Hafnia Bunkers

Throughout 2023, Hafnia’s Bunker Alliance facilitated seven deliveries of biofuels for the Unigas fleet. These deliveries spanned several types of biofuels and blends, ranging from B30 to B100, highlighting the versatility and potential of bio-based alternatives in the maritime sector.

Unigas International, a Rotterdam-based member of the Hafnia Bunker Alliance, has stemmed various products and quantities to trial biofuel consumption across its fleet.

“Through our own Wake initiative, Unigas has committed itself to go beyond minimal environmental requirements and reduce the emissions of our onwards operations. Navigating a course to a sustainable shipping model, sustainable biofuels will be one of the enablers to drive the reduction of our emissions and thereby the emissions of our customers,” Gerben Dekker, Chief Technical Officer at Unigas commented on the green transition concerning bunkering operations.

“Before being able to consider biofuels suitable for a fleetwide roll-out, different GoodFuels products have been successfully trialed as we have run tests across different vessels in the Unigas fleet. Onboard and ashore experiences throughout the trials have been positive and point towards a larger share of biofuels being suitable for replacing conventional fuels going forward.”

“Our collaboration with the Hafnia Bunker Alliance has been instrumental in driving our sustainability transformation with their transparency on pricing, close advisory and partnership in dealings with the GoodFuels team,” Dekker concluded.

Hafnia Bunker’s partnership with FincoEnergies has also been pivotal in ensuring a smooth and efficient bunkering process. The operation’s efficiency, coupled with the high quality of the GoodFuels biofuels, has set a benchmark in sustainable bunkering practices, according to the company.

“At a time of transformation in the maritime industry, the Hafnia Bunker Alliance remains committed in its mission to promote sustainable initiatives,” Peter Grunwaldt, Head of Bunkers at Hafnia Bunkers representing the Hafnia Bunker Alliance, said.

“We are not only prepared to service our existing members but also extend our expertise and resources to potential new members, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for a sustainable future.”

FincoEnergies, the Dutch company behind GoodFuels and a supplier for these groundbreaking initiatives, expressed optimism and enthusiasm for the future of sustainable fuels.

“In our collaboration with Hafnia’s Bunker Alliance and Unigas, we have found an ambitious decarbonization partnership. We are happy to see that our fuel quality, service level and flexibility have lived up to expectations. Especially given the boundaries that Hafnia and Unigas are pushing. The results of these trials further prove the effectiveness of sustainable marine biofuels as a key transition fuel for the coming years,” Johannes Schürmann, Commercial Director, said.

Hafnia Bunkers said it is actively engaged in multiple green fuel working groups, demonstrating its commitment to the green transition. Hafnia Bunkers is currently in discussions with various suppliers to explore and secure future sources of biofuel and other alternative fuels.