Photo: Haizea Wind

Haizea Wind shipping Formosa 2 TP barrels to Indonesia

Haizea Wind has so far sent off 20 out of the total 32 transition piece (TP) barrels for the Taiwanese Formosa 2 offshore wind farm from Spain to Indonesia.

On 28 September, the company completed the delivery of the first batch of four TPs to Saipem by shipping them to the Karimun Yard in Indonesia. In little over a month, 16 more were delivered.

“This is a significant milestone given the COVID-19 outbreak and its severe impact worldwide”, said Michael Farenc, Controlling & Reporting Group Director at Haizea Wind.

In 2019, Saipem was contracted by Jan De Nul, the EPCI contractor for the project’s foundations and subsea cables, to manufacture and deliver 32 wind turbine jacket foundations and their accompanying piles for the 376 MW Formosa 2 project.

Saipem later subcontracted Haizea Wind to produce 32 TP barrels for the jacket foundations. Each of the TPs is over 11 metres long and weighs around 115 tonnes.

The production of the pin piles was subcontracted to EEW SPC.

The jacket foundations will be installed by Seaway 7.

Developed by Macquarie’s Green Investment Group and Swancor RenewableEnergy Company Ltd., Formosa 2 will comprise 47 Siemens 8 MW turbines installed on jacket foundations in water depths of up to 55 metres.

The wind farm is expected to be commissioned in 2021.