Photo: Hendrik Veder Group

Hendrik Veder backs Saipem at Baltic Pipe project

Hendrik Veder Group has won a contract to help Saipem refurbish its lifting equipment and reuse it during work at the Baltic Pipe project.

The 275-kilometre gas pipeline will be laid on the seabed, traversing the maritime zones of Denmark, Poland and Sweden, and will require around 23,000 segments of pipeline.

The offshore infrastructure terminates on dry land, where it intersects with the onshore pipeline several hundred meters from the shore.

For the offshore project, Saipem is using its vessels Castorone, Costoro Sei and Castoro 10.

To link the vessels together at sea, the company is using a previously used 96 mm steel wire rope, 1,900 meters long, which, together with the reel, will be delivered at the quayside by Hendrik Veder.

The steel wire rope has been recertified and trimmed to lengths of 150 and 1,000 meters. The 150-meter ropes will be used for connecting anchors from the Castorone, while the 1,000-metre ropes, connected to a winchline, will be used to connect this to the vessel.

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The Baltic Pipe project is a strategic infrastructure project between GAZ-SYSTEM and Energinet.

Polish GAZ-SYSTEM reported at the beginning of the month that it had started carrying out final preparations to begin laying the offshore gas pipeline.