Final preps underway for Baltic Pipe pipelaying

Final preps underway for Baltic Pipe pipelaying

Polish GAZ-SYSTEM is carrying out final preparations to begin laying the offshore gas pipeline for the Baltic Pipe project in the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Pipe

Drilling of a tunnel for the gas pipeline began in April on the Polish coast, with similar work set to start soon in Denmark, GAZ-SYSTEM said.

Allseas will work on the installation of the 105-kilometer long 36-inch Baltic Pipe in Danish waters.

The company’s Tog Mor will initiate pipelay with an 1100-meter pull-in and extend the pipeline 4 km out to sea. There, in 15-meter water depth, Pioneering Spirit will take over and install the remaining 100 km.

Since last year, research vessels have been checking the project route for unexploded ordnance (UXO) and environmental issues.

“This year we plan to complete the welding of the offshore gas pipeline. Next year, we will perform the necessary pressure tests, trials and certifications related to the approval of the offshore gas pipeline for use,” said Tomasz Stępień, President of GAZ-SYSTEM. 

“The current preparations for Castorone’s entry into the Baltic Sea confirm that the project assumptions are being implemented according to plan. By October next year, we will have completed all the elements of this complex investment programme and will be ready to import gas from the Norwegian shelf via Denmark to Poland.”

The 274 km Baltic Pipe project is a strategic infrastructure project between Poland’s GAZ-SYSTEM and the Danish Energinet.

It will create a new corridor supplying gas from Norway to the markets in Poland, Denmark and also neighboring countries.