Hibiscus waiting for rig to spud Sea Lion-1 (Australia)

Hibiscus Petroleum will have to wait some more to begin drilling operation at its Sea Lion-1 well, offshore Australia, according to a partner in the block.

Namely, 3D Oil Limited, which owns a 24.9% stake in Vic/P57 block where the well is located, on Wednesday said that the Sea Lion-1 exploration well “is now expected to spud late August.”

The Seadrill-owned West Telesto jack-up drilling rig has been contracted to drill the well. The rig is currently in Bass Strait but has not yet been released from its current assignment for another operator, 3D Oil said, adding the timing of that release and subsequent handover of the West Telesto for the Sea Lion-1 drilling is weather dependent.

Hibiscus originally planned to spud the well in June. The company signed a rig sharing agreement with Origin Energy in October 2014. Once the West Telesto starts drilling the Sea Lion, offshore Gippsland Basin, it should take around a month to complete the operation.

Offshore Energy Today Staff