Contracts & Tenders – September 8, 2008

MCJ Ref No: 651/E/37

Tender Ref No: 2008-225039

Project Stage: Tenders Invited

Area: Georgetown, Guyana

Value: 1,150,000 EUR

Project Start: March 2009

Project Period: 35 months from date of contract award

Promoter: The Cooperative Republic of Guyana, represented by the National Authorising Officer (Minister of Finance) for EDF

Profile: The coastal plain of Guyana is a narrow strip of land stretching along 425 km between the borders of Venezuela and Suriname. Almost 90 per cent of the country’s population and economic activity are concentrated in Guyana’s coastal zone.

Large sections of this zone lie 0.5 to 1.0 m below spring tide level, being subject to flooding and erosion, and are thus protected by a system of sea defences. The sea defence sector has been for many years beneficiary of EDF support, which continues under the 9th EDF.

Technical services for supervision of works of reconstruction and maintenance are therefore required. The supervision of works of reconstruction will cover an extension of approximately 1.5 km mainly in 2 areas.

No sub-contracting will be allowed

Tender Details: Restricted Procedure.

Reference No: EuropeAid/127059/D/SER/GY

Dated: 30/08/2008

Deadline: 30.9.2008

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