Northern Lights introduces newest propulsion engine

Northern Lights, a globally recognized manufacturer of marine diesel generator sets and Lugger diesel engines, is pleased to introduce their newest propulsion solution – the L6125H diesel engine, featuring an electronically-controlled high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel system.

The L6125H is based on the time-tested reliability of the heavy-duty Komatsu industrial engine block, and is custom marinized by the Northern Lights engineering team, whose five decades of experience are well known to mariners across the globe. The L6125H reaches a high output rating of 470 hp at a modest 2300 rpm.

“The Lugger L6125H combines state-of-the-art diesel engine technology with legendary Lugger durability,” said Colin Puckett, Northern Lights manager of marketing and sales administration. “It’s an ideal solution for anyone in need of an engine that is able to run all day, every day.”

Designed to be durable, reliable and efficient, the L6125H boasts an attractive power-to-weight ratio of 4.8 lbs./hp. Fuel economy and fuel system efficiency are maximized by the HPCR fuel-delivery system, which maximizes atomization of the fuel delivered into the cylinder, ensuring a more complete combustion.

“Luggers are legendary for their toughness and adaptability to a variety of applications,” said Puckett. “The L6125H is fully customizable with options including front mount PTOs, a full range of panels, transmissions and much more. We thoroughly test all of our propulsion products and stand behind them with unparalleled factory support and a strong warranty. We have a global servicing dealer network and all Northern Lights products are designed for ease of installation, service and routine maintenance.”