BARKE® rudder for a greener environment

The Yachting division of Van der Velden® Marine Systems, a member of the Holland Yachting Group, will exhibit at the Monaco Yacht Show (22-25 September 2010). Highlights of its presentation will include the green BARKE® rudder and the revolutionary EPS™ thruster. Van der Velden can be found in the Darse Nord Air Conditioned Tent at stand number QD71.

Better performance, fuel saving with BARKE® rudders
The BARKE® rudders from Van der Velden® Marine Systems are renowned for their excellent manoeuvrability and high-lift. A less well-known quality of this specific rudder type is the fuel savings its offers compared to conventional rudders.

When a yacht is underway the autopilot corrects course deviations by adjusting the rudder angle. With a conventional rudder the complete blade will move and turn the vessel in an exaggerated large angle to port or starboard, creating the familiar zigzag course pattern. In contrast, BARKE® high-lift rudders are fitted with a sophisticated flap-linkage mechanism. Rather than moving the complete rudder blade the small flap moves most, and course corrections by the autopilot dramatically reduce the angle of movement and subsequent zigzag pattern.

Turning circles are also much smaller with the Van der Velden BARKE® flap type rudders in comparison with the conventional rudders. The overall result is a reduction in travel distance and less fuel consumption.

Stay asleep when leaving harbour with the azimuthing EPS™ thruster
The award winning and revolutionary EPS™ silent thruster, which is also available in a tunnel and retractable version, represents a breakthrough in the fields of noise levels, low weight, space saving and comfort.
The success of these EPS™ thrusters led to the development of a propulsion variant, the EPS™ Azimuthing Retractable thruster, which can also be deployed as a main propeller.

Due to the resulting increase in customer demands, Van der Velden has now decided to switch from single to series production. This will allow greater quantities to be produced and shorter delivery times of all variants of the EPS™ thrusters are guaranteed for clients.