More preparations for Shtokman field

Norwegian companies continue to gear up for the economic bonanza expected from the eventual roll-out of the mighty Shtokman gas field.

Norwegian concrete producer Olen Betong has officially opened its new plant in Murmansk, as it readies itself for Shtokman, located about 500 kilometers off the Russian and Norwegian cost, reported the Barents Observer.

Shtokman was discovered in the 1980s and is believed to contain reserves of over 3.7 trln cubic metres of gas.

“We will be ready to supply concrete to the Shtokman project,” said Ole director Atle Berge,” the Barents Observer reported.

Since the company got established in Murmansk last year, Olen has invested up to 45 million crowns in Murmansk.

A concrete plant of 32,000 square meters as well as adjacent office premises now stand ready outside the city centre.

“Our main objective is to implement large-scale projects on infrastructure development, as well as to supply ready-mixed concrete for the development of Shtokman project,” said Olen director Atle Berge.

Gradually, Murmansk is having more investors and partners from both Norway and Russia, the paper reported.

Yevgenii Nikora, Chairman of Murmansk Oblast Duma, stressed that Olen Betong set a good example, showing a positive signal for foreign investors and partners.

“On my part I will do my best to help Olen Betong get support from local authorities,” Mr. Nikora said.