Offshore Energy 2008

Offshore Energy 2008
Offshore Energy 2008 is the Dutch trade fair with a wide spectrum encompassing the offshore and energy market. On November the 27th 2008, Navingo BV in association with Development Company Holland North is organising the trade fair and seminar Offshore Energy 2008, location; The Old Civil Shipyard in Den Helder, The Netherlands.

Network platform
Offshore Energy 2008 takes place in the ‘Capital of the North Sea’ for a reason, as it is a meeting point for companies and organizations that are active in the (inter)national (supplying) offshore and energy branch. The trade fair offers firms the possibility to generate new business, expand their relation network and bring their career options under the attention.

In addition Offshore Energy 2008 provides a diverse seminar programme during which up-to-date topics will be presented: the most important developments and product innovations related to the offshore, upcoming activities in the North Sea and the future of the Netherlands as an offshore nation. During an interactive reading the career possibilities in this flourishing sector will be highlighted as well.

Target group
Offshore Energy 2008 focuses on offshore, upstream oil and gas, wind energy, petrochemical industry, maritime services, equipment, training facilities and career. The visitor profile mainly consists of decision makers in het offshore industry, directors, buyers, project managers and engineers of oil companies, subcontractors, offshore services, operators and students in their final year of offshore technology.

Do you want to obtain more information about the career possibilities in this diverse sector? Are you ambitious and want to grow? Visit us on November the 27th 2008! The exhibitioners will show career options within their organizations.

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Main sponsor(s) Offshore Energy 2008: Wintershall Noordzee B.V.