Odfjell Tankers selects IHC Lagersmit to retrofit seals

IHC Lagersmit and Odfjell Tankers have signed an agreement to retrofit the stern tube seals on some Odfjell vessels, replacing them with IHC Lagersmit stern tube seals.

IHC Lagersmit specialises in sealing solutions for rotating shafts. Odfjell Tankers is the chartering, operating and management company of the Odfjell Group. The company manages a fleet of 57 different tankers all around the world. It wants a reliable sealing concept. “We have chosen the SUPREME Ventus seal in favour of the environment and our efficiency”, says Helge Olsen, the Senior Vice-President of Ship Management at Odfjell. The company plans to retrofit 19 vessels with the IHC Lagersmit SUPREME Ventus application.

The sophisticated SUPREME Ventus system protects the environment by guaranteeing zero emissions. The combination of the SUPREME Ventus system and special SUPREME options is a guarantee that Odfjell Tankers can operate its vessels efficiently. The Odfjell vessels BOW STAR and BOW JUBAIL have been successfully converted to IHC Lagersmit SUPREME Ventus seals. The conversion of the BOW FLOWER and the BOW SPRING will take place in the second half of this year.