Smit Internationale N.V. Dividend 2008 – Announcement of exchange ratio

Further to the announcement dated 7 May 2009 concerning the payment of the
dividend for the financial year 2008, Smit Internationale N.V. herewith announces that the stock dividend exchange ratio (the number of stock dividend rights of the ordinary shares of EUR 2.30 nominal value entitling to one new ordinary share of EUR 2.30 nominal value) has been determined on 14 1/3.

Based on the volume weighted average price of all traded ordinary shares Smit Internationale N.V. at Euronext Amsterdam by NYSE Euronext during the 22 till up to and including 28 May 2009, being EUR 43.811, 1/(14 1/3) part represents a value of EUR 3.0566, which is approximately 1.89% higher than the cash dividend of EUR 3.00.

The payment of the dividend and the delivery of shares in connection with the exchange of dividend rights will be made as of 3 June 2009 through the bank or stockbroker where the shares are administered.