Interlux Introduces Pacifica Plus with Econea™

In a statement from Union today, Interlux Vice President of Marketing Bob Donat said “Interlux is proud to introduce Pacifica Plus, the first antifouling paint with Econea for pleasure craft. Econea is a new antifouling agent that targets shell fouling. Pacifica Plus provides an alternative to boat owners, boatyards and those in the boating community looking for a copper free antifouling paint.”

Formulated to meet the most stringent VOC regulations in the country, Pacifica Plus uses a controlled biocide release mechanism to combat fouling and Biolux® Technology to control slime. It erodes away over time, which reduces paint build-up and minimizes surface preparation when it is time to recoat. Boatyards will love the fast-dry properties of Pacifica Plus, which allow boats to be painted and launched the same day.

Pacifica Plus will be available in late spring 2009 (in the U.S. only) in clean, crisp, bright colors including blue, black and red and is compatible with most other antifouling paints. Being copper free, Pacifica Plus is ideal for use on all underwater metal surfaces including fiberglass, wood and aluminum. The high solids, low VOC formula has proven effective for power and sail boats. The retail price is expected to be about $229.99 per gallon.