Hyperdynamics sets final casing at Fatala well

Oil & gas company Hyperdynamics has set the final casing before drilling the hydrocarbon-bearing interval of the Fatala-1 exploration well offshore Guinea.

Hyperdynamics is the operator and a 50-50 partner in this exploration project with SAPETRO. The exploration well is being drilled with Pacific Drilling’s drillship, the Pacific Scirocco.

In its latest drilling update, Hyperdynamics said on Wednesday that the 17½ inch hole was drilled from 4,270 meters down to 4,565 meters total depth, or about 1,675 meters below mudline as of late Tuesday.

Measurement while drilling logs and cuttings samples confirmed the accuracy of the geologic model used as the basis for the well prognosis.

The company added that the wellbore was circulated clean of drilled cuttings and the drill string pulled out of the hole in preparation for running and setting the 13-3/8 inch casing at 4,550 meters. The hydrocarbon-bearing interval is located at a planned depth of approximately 4,900 meters.

The additional drilled section of 4,270-4,565 meters encountered an average of 1.4% (range 0.8-2.0%) background gas compared to 0.45% (range 0.3-0.6%), or approximately 300% of the equivalent section of the nearby Sabu 1 well further supporting the geophysical interpretation of the gas cloud over the prospect.

Ray Leonard, president and CEO of Hyperdynamics, said: “Drilling is progressing very well and the drillship, drilling management team, and support systems continue to function above expectations. In the final drilling stage, we will drill the 12-1/4 inch hole through the interval that we believe holds the potential for a world-class hydrocarbon discovery.”

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