Inchcape Shipping Announces Ambitious Expansion Plan for Canada

Inchcape Shipping Announces Ambitious Expansion Plan for Canada

Inchcape Shipping Services today announced an ambitious three year plan to expand its logistics and supply chain business within the Canadian marketplace whilst ramping up its east & west coast marine service business.

“ISS is already a world leader in maritime support services and it is a logical next step to expand into end to end logistics (E2E) and landbased support solutions”, said Claus Hyldager, Group CEO of ISS. “We now have a robust strategy to leverage our global network of 270 offices in 65 countries to focus on the opportunities in 3PL, SCM and remote life support solutions within Canada. Economic stability in Canada, a rich resource base, a safe banking system and Ottawa’s business friendly fiscal policy makes Canada an attractive region for expansion.”

The company already has four offices in Canada including Montreal, Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver. Ottawa has been named as the corporate HQ for the company’s Canadian business and this office will be fully staffed by the third quarter of this year.

The coastline offices will continue to focus on increasing maritime service opportunities capitalizing on the increased business from the energy sector and developments in the North Atlantic, whilst the Ottawa office will focus on new service offerings in the logistics and 3PL segments of the industry.

The company has also worked with Canadian Forces in some parts of the world and will be increasingly engaging with the federal government to bid on a range of opportunities.


Source: ISS Shipping, March 12, 2012