India: GAIL Issues First Sustainability Report

GAIL Issues First Sustainability Report

Mr. G C Chaturvedi, Secretary, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India has released the first Sustainability Report of GAIL (India) Limited in presence of Mr. B C Tripathi, Chairman and Managing Director of GAIL.

This report proposes a  roadmap for GAIL (India) Limited for  improving three key aspects of sustainability – “People” (human capital and local communities), “Planet” (natural capital), “Profit” (the economic value) in business processes and operational endeavours to make a positive impact upon economic growth, ecological balance and social progress.

Concurrently, the BSE-Greenex Index, launched on 22 February 2012 included GAIL as the only company from Oil and Gas sector in this index, setting a new benchmark. The index comprises the top 20 companies which are largest and most efficient on Carbon Emission front.

GAIL’s core business is in the transmission, processing and trading of Natural Gas which is an inherently cleaner fuel.  With the commencement of GAIL’s operations and growth over the years, GAIL has significantly contributed towards reducing flaring of gas from exploration and production activities. From 3,445 million cubic meter of gas flaring in India at the time of commissioning of HVJ pipeline in 1887-88, gas flaring in India has reduced to 993 million cubic meter in year 2010-11.GAIL has contributed by laying of exclusive pipelines for LPG transmission in various parts of the country to replace the mode of transportation through `road, which is required to deliver LPG from production facilities to various customers. The shifting of LPG transport from road to pipeline during 2010-11 has led to reduction of GHG emissions by 9,656 tCO2e. India is the fourth largest energy consumer in the world, with gas constituting around 11 per cent of India’s primary energy consumption. Out of 162.11 MMSCMD gas marketed in the country in year 2010-11, GAIL marketed around 83.23 MMSCMD of gas, accounting for 5.6 per cent of the primary energy consumption.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. G C Chaturvedi, Secretary, Petroleum and Natural Gas said, “Gas Pipeline infrastructure development is critical for promoting a cleaner and sustainable economic development in India. GAIL’s vast gas pipeline network of more than 9,000 Kms and its implementation of on-going new pipeline projects will yield a pan-India network of about 14,500 kmsthus contributing significantly to the distribution infrastructure.

Mr. B C Tripathi, CMD GAIL said “as a clean energy Company that promotes usage of natural gas, GAIL is able to contribute in a humble way to the cause of sustainability and achievement of commercial goals by the Company has always been in harmony with the people and planet

LNG World News Staff, March 5, 2012