Installation Vessel ‘Sea Worker’ Arrives at Grenaa, Denmark

Installation Vessel 'Sea Worker' Arrives at Grenaa, Denmark

The installation vessel Sea Worker has arrived at Grenaa and is now working side by side with Sea Power to utilise the weather windows allowing installation.

Sea Worker is a jack-up vessel capable of rising above the water surface on its 73 metre long legs when installing the wind turbine components. The vessel has no power to sail but is tugged by two tug boats; it can carry two complete wind turbines on each sail to the wind farm. In connection with the installation, Sea Worker is capable of rising approximately 40 metres above the water surface and can as such compensate for a relatively short crane extension.

A further installation vessel, Sea Jack, will arrive at Grenaa just before Christmas to replace Sea Power which started the wind turbine installation. Technically, Sea Jack is also a jack-up vessel, but smaller than Sea Worker as its legs are only 50 metres long.


DONG Energy, December 18, 2012