Iran: South Pars Phase 12 Making Progress


Total progress of the phase has reached 51 percent, the South Pars gas field phase 12 manager, Rasoul Fallahnejad announced.

He went on to say that, construction of onshore installations of the phase is underway by the Iranian experts in the form of three engineering, procurement and construction contracts.

It’s worth mentioning that, despite some restrictions by the western countries, this part of the phase had progressed physically by 35 percent.

Expressing satisfaction with concrete operations and onshore sector infrastructures, he said that concurrent with completion of designing, ordering goods and necessary instruments, installation of steel structures had been started.

He noted that, pipe laying operation in three related lines, A, B and C respectively with 149, 140and 150 kilometers length had been completed.

Stating that pipe laying in the offshore sector has progressed by 92 percent, Fallahnejad said that this phase of the work willbe completed by joining the pipelines to the offshore platforms.

He said that drillings of the phasehad progressed by 57 percent amid progress in drilling one of the wells by 97percent.

According to the manager remarks, operations are underway in other wellsby using two drilling rigs.

The South Pars gas field phase 12 development is the biggest ongoing project of the Petropars Company.

The production capacity of the project is equal to three conventional South Pars phases.

The South Pars gas field phase 12 aims to produce 75 million cubic meters of natural gas, 120 thousand barrels of gas condensate and 750 tons of sulfur per day.


Source: NIGC, May 25, 2011;