Iran to increase gas export capacity by 150 MMcm

Managing Director of the National Iranian Gas Exports Company Alireza Kameli said Iran will increase its export capacity to 150 million cubic meters of gas per day in the next three years.

He added that, with the annual production increase of 100 million cubic meters of gasĀ from South Pars in the next three years, at least 150 million cubic meters of gas will be added to the daily export capacity of the country, stands in the NIGC statement.

With a positive market outlook in the region, Kameli believes that the increased volumes will find its spot on the market adding that it should not be difficult to sign new gas export contracts.

He referred to new negotiations being held with the Persian Gulf countries for the export of gas and said currently talks are underway with Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Oman, adding that although the talks have not been finalized the result has been satisfactory.

As for the export of gas to Afghanistan, Kameli said export of gas to this country due to the need for construction of lengthy pipeline does not seem economical.

However, he added, currently export of gas to Afghanistan is being considered in the form of CNG and studies have been conducted in this regard but not finalized yet.

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