ITW Wraps Up Amrumbank Grouting

ITW has completed the last grouting operation at Amrumbank West Offshore Wind Farm in Germany with a high speed efficiency rate.

Connections between transition pieces and monopiles have been grouted with ITW’s cementitious material Ducorit® and the installation of the product has been performed by the company’s teams.

For the Amrumbank project, which has 80 connections, ITW grouted the first 19 connections in 2014, while the remaining 61 connections were completed between April 19 and May 21, 2015, with an average of 2 grouting operations per day.

The installation of monopiles and transition pieces was performed from the jack-up crane vessel MPI Discovery and the grouting part was executed from Far Sapphire, a DP2 grouting vessel equipped with an Ampelmann system. Foundation installation and grouting operation from two separate vessels is still relatively uncommon. “We do not prefer one solution rather than the other but at this project it has really worked out well,” said Soren Munk, ITW Supervisor.

Image: ITW