Japan: INPEX Decides to Build Toyama Gas Pipeline


INPEX CORPORATION announced today that it has decided to construct the 102km long Natural Gas Trunk Pipeline (Toyama Line), extending from Itoigawa city, Niigata Prefecture to Toyama city, Toyama Prefecture, Japan.

The Toyama Line will supply LNG sourced natural gas to Nihonkai Gas Co, Ltd. and other customers, starting in late 2014. The LNG will be imported to INPEX’s Naoetsu LNG Receiving Terminal in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, which is now under construction.

INPEX will further seek the necessary approvals for the construction of the Toyama Line, securing the understanding and support from the communities in the area. INPEX holds the creed of safety first throughout the construction phase of the project.

INPEX will continue to stably supply natural gas, which is an environmentally friendly fuel, through its wide-spanning natural gas pipeline network in the Tokyo metropolitan area and seven other prefectures spreading peripherally in the center of Honshu Island, Japan.


Source: INPEX, May 23, 2011;