Japan: Tokyo Gas FY 2015 sales down

Total gas sales volume by the Japanese utility Tokyo Gas dropped 0.7 percent during the fiscal year 2015, despite a recent increase in March sales.

In the period from April 2015 to March 2016 (FY 2015), Tokyo Gas sales reached about 15,231.956 million cubic meters.

During the month of March, Tokyo Gas sales volume came to about 1,489.653 million cubic meters, up 2.8 percent compared to March 2015.

In the residential sector, volume totaled 411.878 million cubic meters, down just 0.2 percent compared to that in March 2015, while in the business sector, volume totaled 238.236 million cubic meters, down 2.4 percent from the same month in 2015, Tokyo Gas’ monthly reports shows.

In the industrial sector, volume totaled 615.302 million cubic meters, up 3.0 percent from March 2015.

Volume for wholesale supply to other gas companies totaled 224.236 million cubic meters, showing a rise of 14.6 percent from March 2015.

Tokyo Gas sales in FY 2015

Sales in the residential sector reached 3,263.09 million cubic meters a drop of 3.4 percent, while in the business sector volumes dropped 2.7 percent compared to the FY 2014, reaching  2,519.778 million cubic meters.

Sales volumes in the industrial sector remained almost flat reaching 7,052.266 million cubic meters while volumes for the wholesale supply to gas companies rose 3.7 percent from FY 2014, reaching 2,396.823 million cubic meters.


LNG World News Staff

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