Japex looking for LNG cargoes post 2020

Japex scurrying for LNG cargoes post 2020
Soma LNG terminal (Image courtesy of Japex)

The cancelation of the Pacific NorthWest LNG joint venture in Canada has Japan Petroleum Exploration (Japex) now scrambling to secure LNG cargoes. 

The Petronas-led project got canceled in July last year, which left Japex looking for a portfolio of supplies, Reuters reports citing a company spokeswoman.

In its latest action, Japex is looking to secure three to six annually for up to 10 years, starting in 2020.

Sellers are given the option to deliver cargoes over a five year period, sources told Reuters.

The Japanese company is seeking to secure a mix of spot, mid-term and long-term supplies to be delivered to one of its two importing terminals, either the newly opened Soma LNG terminal in Fukushima or Nihonkai LNG terminal in Niigata.


LNG World News Staff

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