JERA, EnBW and VNG looking into ammonia cracker demonstration plant in Rostock

Japanese energy company JERA and its two German counterparts EnBW and VNG have teamed up to study the feasibility of constructing an ammonia cracker demonstration plant.

Courtesy of JERA

To this end, the parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to jointly examine the feasibility of the construction of a demonstration plant for the production of hydrogen from ammonia in the Rostock port area.

The learnings from the operation of the demonstration plant include insights into process optimization, the organization of supply and demand, and the economic framework conditions along the entire value chain.

According to partners, the project would allow for the transport of large quantities of hydrogen as ammonia to Rostock from oversea regions, where it could be re-converted into hydrogen and then transported to German consumers and customers. An existing ammonia terminal in the Rostock port area could be used for importing the ammonia.

“At EnBW, we are working at full steam to transform our generation capacities from fossil fuels such as coal to non-fossil fuels such as hydrogen. The joint project between EnBW, VNG and JERA fits in very well with our efforts to become climate-neutral by 2035,” said Georg Stamatelopoulos, Member of the EnBW Board of Management / Chief Operating Officer Sustainable Generation Infrastructure.

“The construction of a demonstration plant of an ammonia cracker in Rostock together with JERA and EnBW is another important step towards supporting the ramp-up of hydrogen in Germany and thus making a contribution to decarbonization in eastern Germany. Hydrogen gained from ammonia will play an important role in energy supply in the future, so it is important to test and establish value chains at an early stage and thus set the course for a secure supply of hydrogen,” explained Hans-Joachim Polk, Chief Technology Officer of VNG AG.

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Chairman of the Board, Global CEO of JERA, Yukio Kani, added: “In the context of this project, the formulation of a robust ammonia value chain is specifically the option which must be established by a strong collaborative framework among industry players with a wide variety of backgrounds, through sharing the same views on their purpose and strategic direction. I am very confident that this project is a giant leap towards our bright and clean future.”