Last Jacket of South Pars Phase 19 Loaded (Iran)

Last Jacket of South Pars Phase 19 Loaded

With loading of the third and last jacket of South Pars Phase 19 Development Project, the main operations of Offshore Development of this phase came to an end, Director of South Pars Phase 19 Development Project said, according to Pars Oil and Gas Public Relations.

In order to expedite the development and operation of South Pars Phase 19 offshore section, the last jacket of this development project was transported to Persian Gulf Waters for further being erected and deployed in this Gas Project Site, upon the successful construction and loading, Hamidreza Massoudi said.

According to Hamidreza Massoudi, the jacket weighs 1800 tons. “The offshore structure has 6 legs, and it maintains more capabilities, compared to other four-leg jackets of South Pars Development Projects”, he added.

The offshore structure is planned to be installed mid Farvardin 1392 (4 April 2013), Massoudi was quoted as saying.

In the Phase 19 Development Project, the construction and deployment of three offshore jackets have been projected. Jackets A and C of this Gas Phase have already been installed.

By mentioning that one drilling derrick is currently operating in Site C of this phase, Massoudi added, according to the plans, two other drilling derricks will be deployed in this phase.

In South Pars Phase 19 Development Project, the drilling of 15 wells has been projected, and considering the joining of the satellite platform of South Pars Phase 1 to this phase, which has 6 production wells, the production of this border phase in the South Pars Joint Field will be equal to the standard production of two gas phases (50 million cubic meters per day of gas and other commercial derivatives).

LNG World News Staff, March 18, 2013; Image: POGC