Contract signing between HAROPA - Port of Le Havre and NGE

Le Havre port embarks on € 12 million offshore wind upgrade

HAROPA – Port of Le Havre has awarded a EUR 12 million contract to the NGE group for the construction works related to Siemens Gamesa’s offshore wind turbine plant in the Port of Le Havre, France.

HAROPA; left to right: Nicolas Desobri, NGE GC Agence Normandie Works Director; Baptiste Maurand, HAROPA General Manager; Port of Le Havre; Louis Decotignie, NGE Regional Director; Sébastien Braquehais, NGE GC Normandy Agency Director.

NGE’s subsidiaries NGE Genie Civil, Guintoli, NGE Fondations, and Maia Sonnier will build a roll-on, roll-off (RORO) platform and reinforce the Herman du Pasquier quay to enable the handling of offshore wind turbine components. A new road and a base platform are also planned to be constructed for the future installation of rail equipment.

The works are scheduled to start this month and to be completed in 15 months.

HAROPA – Port of Le Havre said that the upgrade is necessary for the establishment of the Siemens Gamesa wind turbine plant.

The wind turbine supplier started building its plant in September 2020, with a consortium led by GTM Normandie-Centre in charge of the construction works.

The 22-hectare factory, located on the Joannès Couvert quay, will be the first in the world to manufacture all main offshore wind turbine components under the same roof. The factory, expected to be brought into service in early 2022, will supply turbines to the Fécamp and Saint-Brieuc offshore wind projects.

The Fécamp project, located between 13 and 22 kilometres off the Normandy coast, will consist of 71 Siemens Gamesa 7 MW offshore wind turbines. Offshore construction is scheduled to commence in 2022 and the wind farm is expected to be fully commissioned by the end of 2023.

The Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc in Brittany will comprise 62 Siemens Gamesa 8 MW turbines. Construction is scheduled to begin this year and the commissioning is planned for 2023.