Linde liquefaction technology to revive Iran’s LNG project

Linde Group’s liquefied natural gas division could deliver its technology for the Iranian 10.8 mtpa LNG project once the sanctions against the country are lifted.

Argus cited National Iranian Gas Export Company’s general manager Mostafa Sharif saying the licenses and some of the facilities are already in place, but sanctions restricted the delivery of necessary technology.

Sharif expects the all the technology to be delivered as early as 2016 as Iran is looking to revive its LNG project that has already been partially built. Sharif added that all facilities except the liquefaction units are ready for use.

He stressed that Iran would favor exporting LNG to Europe rather than exporting natural gas via a pipeline.

GAIL of India has already shown readiness to revive its SPA signed with NIGEC for 2 mtpa of LNG that has not been ratified by the Iranian government due to sanctions.

Iran has engaged in talks with neighboring countries to export natural gas. Discussions with UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman have already been held.


Image: Iran LNG

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